About Anna


I have been an avid reader from a young age. Getting lost in stories, I could never have enough books. You were more likely to see me reading, than watching the TV or playing computer games.

I have a long history of writing business pieces – blogs, articles, whitepapers. I also speak regularly at business events and shows. My goal has always been to write fiction stories – so here I am trying to transition from business writing to the world of fantasy – and it’s hard!!

I recently found out my personality type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ‘The Mediator – INFP’. When I was reading a description of this personality type it said “First and foremost is seemingly every Mediators’ dream growing up – to become an author”. Hee hee – yup, that’s me!

Anna 🙂


An obsession with books is what has always inspired Anna to write, getting lost in other authors fantasy worlds and daydreaming ideas of her own. At school she loved writing and poetry – she even won a couple of local poetry competitions. By 16 her creative flair was in full swing as she was also a keen artist and photographer.

Growing up in the late 90s, she discovered technology and an increasing interest it how was rapidly progressing. The news of the .com boom was luring as that was where all the good jobs were emerging. So she swayed away from her artistic pursuits and completed a degree in computing, graduating with a first class.

Since University Anna has worked around the digital sector for most of her career, but her passion for writing has always found its way through in the form of regularly written articles and guest blogs on business and technology topics.

There has always been a nagging voice that pushed Anna towards fiction. As a avid daydreamer, she has always had a large collection of book ideas written down but never fully completed.

So, she’s started venturing into fiction writing with an array of short stories, a first novel underway, and a passion behind her.


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